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Have you heard the word “tetra” or “packs”? How do you use the term “tetra packs” or tetra”? Most of the time we use this word when we are referring some of the products that can be found in supermarkets or convenient stores like juices, milk, etc. I just want to share this information guys because I was invited to attend the event launch of Tetra Pack Recycle, Feed, Run happens this November 18, 2012 at BGC. I was a bit late but the main concern is to know all about this product has a big contribution in our daily life and in our environment. Did you know that when you say the word TETRA PAK you are referring to Organization or the company?

Base on the explanation with Communications and Environment Coordinator Shiella Sorrel photo posted above are made of Tetra Pack Carton Packaging by Tetra Pack. So, if we will try to buy this in a store we should use the term tetra pak carton, because you are rich if you are trying to by the Tetra Pak the company itself 😀 just kidding. 😀 Zest-o, Big 250 if I’m not mistaken the packaging  is called Doypack.

Tetra Pak is the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company. Working closely with our customers and suppliers, we provide safe, innovative and environmentally sound products that each day meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people in more than 170 countries around the world.With almost 22,000 employees based in over 85 countries, we believe in responsible industry leadership and a sustainable approach to business. Our motto, “PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD™,” reflects our vision to make food safe and available, everywhere.
More information about Tetra Pak is available at

To share with you guys below are the facts about Tetra Pak Carton packages.

1. Tetra Pak carton packages have 6 protective layers
The structure of an aseptic Tetra Pak carton package:

Tetra Brik Aseptic

Most outer layer (no.1) to the most inner layer (no.6):
1. Polyethylene – protects against outside moisture
2. Paper – for stability and strength
3. Polyethylene – extra protection
4. Aluminium foil – protects against oxygen and
light, retains vitamins and flavours
5. Polyethylene – extra protection
6. Polyethylene – seals in the liquid

2. Ultra-High-Temperature (UHT) Process – a unique pure heat treatment

Liquid food products are packed in Tetra Pak carton packages using a processing technology called Ultra-High-Temperature (UHT). This process exposes the liquid food products to brief, intense heating for a few seconds, after which, the products are then quickly cooled. This treatment destroys all harmful micro-organisms in the product while maintaining the nutritional value, natural taste and colour of the product.

3. There are no preservatives in Tetra Pak carton packages

Products in a Tetra Pak carton package do not require preservatives to maintain its freshness. This is because the products have first gone through the UHT process whereby the treatment eliminates everything that makes it go bad, but retains the nutrients, flavour, and all that is good. This goodness of the beverage is then locked in by the six protective layers of the Tetra Pak carton package.

Hence, the product (if unopened) can remain fresh and safe for consumption, without the need of preservatives or refrigeration for the duration stipulated. When opened, as any other beverages (perishables), the product would need to be refrigerated.

4. Tetra Pak carton packages are hygienic

As explained above, products packed in Tetra Pak carton packages have gone through the UHT process. With UHT processing, the product will be free from harmful micro-organisms. It is therefore essential to keep the product under aseptic (absence or exclusion of unwanted micro-organisms) conditions during the packaging stage to prevent contamination. This is achieved through packaging the product in sterilised packaging materials under aseptic conditions after the UHT treatment. The entire process is conducted in a closed system to protect the product from any external contamination.

With stringent quality control in place, consumers can be assured of the safety and freshness of beverages packed in Tetra Pak carton packages.

5. Tetra Pak carton packages are convenient
The next time you pick up your favorite brand of drink or beverage, make sure it is in a Tetra Pak carton package – be it a one-liter ready-to-pour carton with a Recloseable cap or a portion sized carton that’s easy enough for even a child to hold. Just pop it into your gym bag, your briefcase, or even your office drawer. Safe and hygienic, easy to pack and to carry around, Tetra Pak carton packages are the answer to today’s consumers who are always on the go.

6. Tetra Pak cartons packages are recyclable
Tetra Pak carton packages are recyclable as the carton packages are made of approximately 74% paper, 22% polyethylene and 4% alufoil.

To recycle, consumers merely have to rinse the carton package after consumption and follow the 3 F’s process – Flip, Flap and Flatten. Firstly, flip open the top and bottom side flaps of the beverage cartons and then flatten them. This way, one can also save space in the storage bag. Used Tetra Pak cartons are collected from Tetra Pak partner schools and are also collected by waste collectors.

The fibre in the carton packages are recycled into corrugated cartons and other paper products like paper bags, brown paper for notebooks, etc. while the polyaluminium residuals are made into poly-al roofing sheets and poly-al panel boards, which can be used as furniture materials.

Recycle is one way of conserving our environment.

Running Events – Check this link ->


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