Around 2,635 Dengue Busters supported the advocacy run!

About 2,635 dengue busters participated and supported the Run Against Dengue advocacy run that aims to spread the awareness in deadly disease last September 23, 2012 at Rajah Sulaiman Roxas Blvd. As part of the organizer Subterranean Ideas I was assigned as a race manager in the technical side. It’s not easy to organize a running event but for me it was a big break or achievement though there are some mistakes and errors in the race. My position has a huge responsibility especially to all the participants/runners, we did our best to make the event not to be unorganized but there are some instances that you will not expect to happen on the race day.

Early in the morning around 04:00am I deployed about 6 hydrations along the route, a few staff and marshals for this event for the safety of all the runners. And to start the run Taisho Pharmaceuticals Phils. President Toru Tatezono and Tempra Sales and Marketing Manager Eric Pablo Ma. Lejano fired the starting gun for 10K, 5k and 3k sent off by Honorable Mayor Alfredo Lim. When I saw all the runners at Roxas Blvd. While riding on a motorbike I’m glad because there’s a lot people who supported and willing to fight the deadly disease. Some of the participants are family, students, kids, running enthusiasts and fun runners. I didn’t think that I failed to make the event perfect rather I think that I and the organizing team did the best for that day because “ you are failing if you do not do anything”.

Another achievement that I made again, In the age of 23 my pleasure to have this position and experience. Thank you to Subterranean Ideas for giving me this opportunity and trust you give to handle the race, Sigue Correr! Runners who totally gave a moral and actual support. Tempra who made this event possible led by Ms. Cleo Nodado who distributed also the giveaways for the runners and the other sponsors sent a nice giveaway for the runners and top finishers.

Lots of giveaways and raffles were given during the race day! And the winners received a cash prizes, giveaways and medals awarded by different Basketball icon like Samboy Lim, Pinoy Big Brother housemate Luz McClinton and Petron players Paolo Hubalde and Axel Doruelo, the biggest delegations goes to (Philippine School of Business Administration) and for corporate groups (ShipServ).

Congratulations and thank to all who participated in this event! It was a big help to lessen the victims of dengue where part of net proceeds will use to purchase anti-dengue modalities.

Sigue Correr! Runners
Sigue Correr! Runners with Mr. Samboy Lim
With Honorable Mayor Alfredo Lim

You can check other photos in this link -> Tiwala ng Ina


2 thoughts on “Around 2,635 Dengue Busters supported the advocacy run!”

  1. Hi… Im one of the participant…. I really enjoyed the run… May i ask where can we view the photos during the run??


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