Run United 3 – ” See you at the finish line”,your 3rd Medal

Last June 17, 2012 my last Half-Marathon in Run United 2. It was the 2nd leg of the said event that most of the runners waited to get their 2nd piece of medal and we did it!

Four days to go before the most awaited event, 3rd Leg Afro Distance that most of the runners are preparing for this. Despite of heavy rains and busy schedules they tried to run or train to improve their pacing for those who wants to break their personal record in 21km and 32km. It was also a great news because there’s a lot of people appreciates the beauty in the world of running.

Since this is an Afro Distance designed by Coach Rio Dela Cruz a great preparation for those who are looking forward to take down a 42km distance or a full marathon! In this 3rd Leg I wasn’t able to join for some reasons and I have a busy schedule for this month, but I assigned myself to cover the event and take some photos :).

I feel regretful because I wasn’t able to complete my medal in Run United Trilogy.

Run United 1 at the Finish Line

Roxas Blvd. will be busy again this coming Septemer 16, 2012. 😀

My part in Run United 3 is to witness how people proud and glad to have this passion and lifestyle, running. So, I just want to say and share, good luck and have a safe run guys, will see you on the road! Keep running until you reach your goal – the finish line!


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