Mission Accomplished! I will not surrender! the Immuvit Fearless Challenge Trail Run (Leg 1)

Two months break in running after my last event June 17, 2012, the Run United Leg 2 in 21k category. In this break I wasn’t able to go on training and failed to join different running events for some reasons that are connected to my team, monitoring and project implementations. After these busy months a great start for my September runs was held last August 26, 2012. It’s not a typical trail run event, for additional challenge in trail they set an obstacles. A test on how far you can go for this challenge and true, will push your limitations in different obstacles waiting on the trail, I am one of those who grab this opportunity 😀 even the results are scars and wounds in my knees and elbows, worth it and exciting!

The first ever obstacle trail challenge brought to us by Immuvit, the Immuvit Fearless Challenge Trail Run 2012 Leg 1, held last August 26, 2012 at La Mesa Park Nature Reserve. We, Sigue Correr! Runners was there to experience this new challenge, a great ideas of team Immuvit by organizing an awesome event like this.

It was early around 04:00 A.M when we got on the location, we I assigned also a support and photographer on the trail for our team mates and others who needs help. The site was muddy and slippery because of the successive rain fall in the past few days that was suddenly crossed in my mind the event will more exciting and challenging, it was too adventurous for the whole team and participants.

Photo Courtesy of Sigue Correr! Runners

This was my first trail run and joining an event without enough trainings. I’m in wave 6 of 10k runners when the gun starts the first obstacle I encountered is the burning wood (Fire Jump) you must jump over this obstacle to pass. While you are running you will enjoy the trail and you feel that you are in unfamiliar forest that you will see how great God is by giving us this great design of natures. You will excite because after passing the first obstacle you will think what will be the next? Is it more harder or more easier?

Photo Courtesy of Running Photographers

In the long run while I’m running I observed that uphill and downhill some part of the route is more tougher that makes me easily got tired. Well, the hydration booth is well-organized approximately every 1 to 1.5 kms to reach this area and in my count a total of 10 hydration in 10km and 5 in 5km if I’m not mistaken. The second obstacle, the mud crawl, crawl until you reach the end of the obstacle where I got my scars in my knees and elbows.

Photo Courtesy of Sigue Correr! Runners

This third is Log Hurdles composed of two sets I think the first set has 6 logs and the second set 5 logs. You must go over this logs set like a fence to continue running in the trail. After the first set of logs along the trail I encountered the obstacle, the tire jump, my comment is hope next time not just 4 to 6 tires, the more the merrier. 😀

Photo Courtesy of RJ Knight Runner

The fourth is the Military Wall one of my unforgettable obstacle because when I slide I expect that the landing area is mud or form I was surprised when I landed a hard surface caught me, ouch!

Photo Courtesy of Team USB
Photo Courtesy of Team USB

The fifth is the best obstacle the mud wall, in this part you must go down on a creek with approximately 3 to 4 feet deep to reach the wall, this mud wall is most likely a rappel to go up the wall to continue running until the last obstacle towards the finish line.

Photo Courtesy of Sigue Correr! Runners

Along the route after the wall again muddy and slippery track are still on our way if there is no contraction on your shoes you will stuck on the mud. On the last hydration I met Coach Jim Sarret, we walked about 1 kilometer because of thick mud. With our conversation he’s the one who designed the concept of the obstacle trail event with the help of the Race Director Christian Alacar of WitoutLimits who implemented the ideas and organized the event , he ran also in 10kms.

Photo Courtesy of Sigue Correr! Runners

“Kagagaling ko lang from IloIlo I was invited for some meeting and I conducted also a running clinics, so past 12 na rin nakarating sa bahay no time to rest kaya pumunta na ako kaagad dito sa event to test and experience what we organized so I can review if what part of the event need to improve for the next leg.” said by Coach Jim Sarret. I also shared what Sigue Correr! Runners all about, missions and achievements, etc.

Back to the trail, the last obstacle is the Lunges a fitness challenge, it’s a Step forward with a long stride keeping your body verticle, (over the ankle of the front foot) head up and back straight. Push your body downward to feel the stretch.

Photo Courtesy of Running Photographers

This was the last obstacles, after the finish line where my first leg medal waited.

Photo Courtesy of Sigue Correr! Runners

Another great experienced to all of us in passion of running. It’s not all about the thick mud, great obstacles, trail, and distances it’s all about you enjoyed and satisfied! I will definitely join the Leg 2 this coming September, hope to see you there guys!More obstacles and great fitness challenges awaits you.

Photo Courtesy of Sigue Correr! Runners

Congratulations to all who survived and crossed the finish line! Kudos to our Organizers and Thanks to Immuvit!

Please visit also our website, www.siguecorrer.com


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