OutBreak Manila for the second time

After a successful event of first OutBreak Manila in Nuvali, Laguna another zombie outbreak that breaks the silence of Bonifacio Global City last July 29, 2012. A busy street turns to abandoned are for this event included in the concept of the organizer. They have the same guidelines and rules in previous event on how they will survive in Outbreak Manila BGC. For additional twist, more challenging and scarier there was a part of the route where the roads are under constructions and it was dark plus the sound effects will turn you to frighten.

Photo Courtesy of Zeus Martinez Photography

Uninfected by Zombie Virus:

Infected by Zombie Virus:

Photo Courtesy of Zeus Martinez Photography

Photo Courtesy of Zeus Martinez Photography

Runners also love to wear their favorite costumes.

Photo Courtesy of Zeus Martinez Photography
Photo Courtesy of Zeus Martinez Photography
Photo Courtesy of Zeus Martinez Photography

It was also a great zombie run despite of the heavy rains started to fall by 08:00 in the evening, that was fun and a memorable for the runners but for the zombies it’s not, 😀 our prosthetic makeup washed out and turn to uninfected human.

Rain or Shine!

Photo Courtesy of Zeus Martinez Photography

Photo Courtesy of Zeus Martinez Photography
Photo by Ms. Mars, taken while waiting the runners 😀

It’s not easy to run with runners while wearing our zombie attire, you don’t just run and get their flags you must act also a real zombie additional points :)) to scare them:D

My Zombie Group Members 😀

Photo Courtesy of Zeus Martinez Photography

Since OutBreak Manila started producing zombie run my main role is always a zombie in shooting, billboard,posters and on the actual event.

OutBreak Manila BGC Poster

OutBreak Manila at Nuvali

In OutBreak Manila BGC there was a big challenge while the event is on going, the safety of the runners, why? When I was a zombie in Nuvali I saw the other runners rolling down on the grass and got some wounds that’s why I’m worried about it, the location is made up of concrete and asphalt it’s hindrance to the organizers, zombies and runners. But thanks God after the event there is no major accident occurred.

Photo Courtesy of Zeus Martinez Photography

My assigned area is near the starting line, a solo part in this event to welcome the runners in zombie world 😀 Aside from having a solo part I was surprised when the organizer gave me a responsibilities to handle the new zombies, guide and instruct them. I shared different instances could happen along the race, there are some runners that will hit you accidentally to protect their life flags.

Photo Courtesy of Zeus Martinez Photography
Photo Courtesy of Zeus Martinez Photography

Saab Magalona TV

Protecting flags from the zombies is the main role of the runner but hitting and touching zombies is not allowed like what I experienced in this event I made some strategies to surprise the runners who left on their designated waves, I stand and hide on a street light when I saw this runners in the 3rd corner when he turned left I surprise the runner he was shocked, shouted and he accidentally hit my hand to protect his flags. After that I warned him to not to do that again or he will be ban on the race :). This was a memorable event for all of us, usually you will the zombies in movies but here you will run with zombies! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRhhh…..

A great event again, I finished all the waves until 12 in the midnight. I hope you enjoyed the event guys, see you on the upcoming running and zombie runs! You will definitely see me on next OutBreak 😀 Congratulations to all who crossed the finish line with their flags and thank you for loving the zombie run given by OUTBREAK MANILA.


2 thoughts on “OutBreak Manila for the second time”

  1. Each of the Zombie Runs is an exhilarating experience. In the first Outbreak, I travelled more than 3 hours from Valenzuela to Nuvali to take part, and it certainly was worth the time and effort. Despite suffering cramps halfway along the trail as a result of streaking past zombies while screaming like hell, I came out alive (barely!), and strains of that 80’s song came to mind (`I made it through the wilderness, somehow I made it through-hu-hu….). The costumed runners/zombies added to the novelty of the event, which was a merry mix of fun and fear. New friends were made (this blogger included!). Outbreak BGC was delightfully different – dark, urban setting, empty roads, abandoned cars, with no signs of life – only signs of death! A surprisingly unexpected but most welcome ingredient was the onset of rain during the middle of the run. This created an atmosphere of danger and desolation, the wrath of nature compounded with hordes of the living dead pouncing on you at every turn (remember how horror stories began with `It was a dark and stormy night…’?). The fun doesn’t stop when you reach the finish line (dead or alive). Photo opportunities abound with your favorite oddball characters, like roman soldiers, Batman, spartans, the Super Mario Brothers, Alice in Zombieland…etc… and oh, did I mention the Unli-Pizza and Unli-juice drinks thanks to the major sponsors? All this and more… much more!! I can’t wait till Outbreak 3. I’m just dying to relive this mortifying adventure…!


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