We are proud of you guys! ;)

How are you guys? Do you have your schedule for the upcoming running events, if not… check the schedule in http://www.pinoyfitness.com.

I just want to share this photo of runners who participated in Takbo para sa Bayaning Guro. I’m sorry guys because I don’t have enough ideas if they are a couple or if they are siblings or relatives or what :D.Β  Hope you understand, but one thing that’s why I want to share this is because I really appreciate the man who is running while pushing the wheel chair.

We all know that running while pushing a wheel chair is not easy but when I saw this man, it was inspiring because he showed that we can do just about anything just to live healthy, be fit and enjoy no matter how hard. It does not matter if you run on bare feet, what matters is that you will do everything just to express how happy and exciting it is to be engaged in running.

I am sure in this photo, that they are siblings. πŸ˜€
When I saw this woman in the finish line, I told her ” picturan ko po kayo” then she called her brother to take a photo. That’s why I’m sure that they are siblings. Happy Run!

I hope to see them on the next event! πŸ™‚


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