We love running!

It was a great Sunday morning, March 25,2012!
This was my first time that I came to SM Mall of Asia early in the morning not to join an event or not to practice. I went there just to watch 😀 the BDO Race 4 Life and to take some photos for our fan page, Sigue Correr! To take some photos we use only a digital cameras as our first time. 🙂 We make some strategies just to be sure that the output of digital camera is good but as we posted it already in our page there are some photos are not cleared or not same as an output of a Cannon or Nikon Shot 🙂 but I think and I hope it helps to make the runners smile and happy when they see their active running shots in the page as a remembrance :).

This was the situation when there is no event.
And this is the situation when the runners go!

A day before the event, we talked about the photo shooting with my co-founder of Sigue Correr, Paul,Vhal and Dick. Our goal is everyone should have their photos on our cam and “hanggang kaya”, why? Because everyone wants to have a good memories as part of their life and as a runner no matter how far and tired they are.

Running is not just a competition!In running also you will enjoy, you can fun, you can meet some new friends and you can motivate yourself on how you can reach the goal not only in this activities but in your life. Every step you make there is a reward waiting for you.

As a Sigue Correr founder, we are not only a Web Designer/Developer our profession but we are also a runner that encouraging everyone, runner or not to be part of this activity, running. It will keep us fit, healthy and stress free! 😀

Happy run with you guys! 😀 with mickey!

Happy Run Guys! Congratulations to all of you in crossing the finish line, you are a Winner.

We hope that we will continue what we’ve started 🙂


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