Rogin E Last Man Running 2!

Two days before my birthday! 😀

A nice event was held last Saturday, March 24, 2012 at The Fort Taguig. I came early on this event to watch the Last Man Running 2 runners.:D but I was also run on 5+2, gun start is 06:00 in the morning. I wish to be part of the LMR but I don’t have enough practice after my Run United 1 Half-marathon so I decided to run on a lower category. 🙂

I’m slightly disappointed in my record for 7kms. 😦

In spite of this record 😀 I’m also pleasured and proud because I am one of the runner of this Rogin E Last Man Running this year. I hope this record will motivates me to run more faster, practice more and love this passion always. This is one of my best advance birtday gift to myself, run and run until I reach the finish line. 😀

Thanks Rogin-E! I’m looking forward to run the Last Man Running next year! :)) “I hope”.


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