Condura Skyway Marathon

Condura Skyway Marathon

Another great running event happened last February, 2012. I run in this event on a 3k category, that was my first time in that race category. It was a successful and great event because of the different route made by the race organizers, in Sky way. Condura Sky way Marathon was held in Alabang, Muntinlupa. This was also my first time to get a medal. They gave medals to those who crossed the finish line in all categories. May personal record time is 00:16:20.

There’s a lot of people who joined in this event because Condura Skyway Marathon is one of the country’s most awaited running event. Skyway Marathon is one of the difficult battle I joined because the first time in a vertical road going up to the Skyway and it starts around 8:00 AM “tirik na ang araw”. We are all pleasured and happy when we got our finisher’s medal!


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